For Freedom's Sake: Sel Rosé & Ending Human Trafficking

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This post has been on my heart for a while now. I put off writing it because I wasn’t sure how to express my feelings on the subject. But it is time to at least try, regardless of the job I do, because the ministry of Sel Rosé is changing and it is essential that you be aware of it.


Not too long ago, I rarely thought about sex trafficking. The little I knew of it disturbed me, but I assumed that law enforcement had it under control and that it was an issue that could be avoided if you remained in safe locations. Late last summer, I was made aware of the pervasiveness of this crime and the danger that most women face on a daily basis no matter how safe they think they are.


Traffickers have become more and more resourceful in how they acquire targets, utilizing online communication like never before, working out of businesses such as spas and beauty parlors, and devoting extended periods of time to forming relationships with victims before enslaving them. Another method they employ is approaching young women in places like shopping malls and inviting them to leave with them. A guy seemingly doing something as innocent as inviting a stranger to a party can then drug her and force her into captivity. This was the method that I was confronted with late last summer. A method that, I believe, is on the rise.


My sister and I were shopping at a mall here in Ohio when a strange guy approached us. Being well aware of the risks in engaging strangers who look like they are high on drugs (as he did), we declined his attention but decided to watch his movements in the store. Normally, we would have continued about our business, but there was something very suspicious about his behavior. I almost can’t fully describe what he did that was strange, but all the little details combined just didn’t make sense.


Following at a distance, we saw him leave the store with a man who was waiting near the entrance. A mere ten minutes later, they both entered the store again. As they entered, their eyes were scanning the entire room like they were hunting for something. Finally, the first guy approached a much younger girl standing by herself while the other man waited at a distance. Thankfully, the girl declined him, and the two men immediately left the store once more. We tried to see where they went, but weren’t able to maintain sight of them.


At that point, we were fairly certain that we were witnessing sex traffickers at work, and our suspicions were strengthened when we went home and did some research. It would seem that most of the time, traffickers work in pairs like that, always exiting the building after approaching someone, and always employing one person to “chat up” the girl while the other waits to assist in overcoming her. Traffickers are also often drug addicts. This enables the “men in charge” to maintain control over them.


I wish I could say that was the last that we saw of this sort of activity, but only a month later, we witnessed two more guys doing the same thing at the same mall. This time, however, we were given the opportunity to report them to mall security, something I would always recommend if your suspicions are piqued.


Now, of course, my sister and I are safe and nothing horrific happened, but that doesn’t mean that another woman wasn’t endangered. Experiencing this disgusting industry on a more personal level made me aware of what so many people around the globe are suffering, and that awareness motivated me to act.


2.5 million people are trafficked in the world right now, and 80% of those are sex slaves. For weeks after that first experience and taking the time to learn more about this issue, I stayed angry…angry at the people who could take the lives of countless young women away from them, abusing their bodies and torturing their minds. All you have to do is Google “facts about sex trafficking” and you’ll know enough to make you as angry as I have been. I just wanted to do something…anything! And, while prayer is the most important thing we can be doing, I felt a need to make this a mission for my physical life, as well as my spiritual one. And after prayer, I felt like Sel Rosé had to be a part of it.


Therefore, I am announcing that 20% of each purchase made in the online store will be donated to A21, a Christian organization founded by Christine and Nick Caine for the purpose of abolishing human trafficking in the 21st century. A21 not only aims to end trafficking by prosecuting the criminals responsible, but also through awareness and the rescue of already enslaved women.



I am still figuring out if there are any other ways in which I can get involved in the fight to end this deplorable crime, so there will probably be future posts on the topic. I hope that this decision makes sense to you, as my customers, and that you will be able to get behind this cause in your own personal life, as well as through Sel Rosé. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions.


All my love & for His glory,




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