5 Tips for Working With a Logo Designer

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When I rebranded, and Banana Grove Designs became Sel Rose, I decided to take my logo needs to the designer I had worked with once before. Meredith Myers of Jack + Mo Designs is the woman I trust when it comes to logos. Her process is professional & easy and her work is gorgeous. If you like hand drawn elements and colorful designs, I would suggest checking out her website.

Regardless of how helpful Meredith was, I came out of the design process with some tips for what the client can do to make things go even smoother. Here are my 5 tips for (successfully) working with a logo designer.

1.) Know what you want...Have you ever walked into a hair salon and told the stylist, "Oh, just do whatever you think'll look good on me." Yeaaah, you can't do that with a logo designer. When you contact a designer, have a clear idea of the illustration or style you want. It will make the process go much faster. If you don't, you will eventually figure it out, but you'll have wasted valuable time and made the professional's job a lot harder.

2.) It HAS to make sense...The only thing that suspended the design process for Sel Rose's logo was when I asked for a design that didn't hold meaning for my company. At the beginning, I asked for an abstract illustration that would eventually "take on" meaning to customers when they associated it with my brand, but all that did was make everything more confusing. The first rule of branding is know yourself. Know your customer and know the message you want to send them. That message is at the center of your company name and your design. So, if the name of your company and the design don't make absolute sense together, you took a wrong turn. I had to stop and go back to the brand message to find something that actually worked.

3.) Have colors in mind...The colors that pop up in my designs (and in my Instagram, interestingly enough) most often are blue, turquoise, pink, gold, black and white. At the end of the day, I went with classic "French associated" colors like black, white, pink and gold. Having sorted that out saved a lot of time.

4.) Keep it simple...Working with a magical designer makes a normal person (like me) feel as though they found Aladdin's cave, or the Avenger's training center, or Willy Wonka's factory. Resist the "I want it all" feeling that will undoubtedly arise. Yes, the possibilities are endless for the most part, but if you start piling on design elements, you'll lose your message. A simple font (two at the most), a few colors, an uncomplicated illustration...basically, don't make the elements compete with each other. Make them flow together. Clutter is your enemy.

5.) Be honest and clear...People need to communicate. Having already worked with Meredith once before, I knew that honesty is indispensable to her process. You won't be happy and the designer won't be happy if you're not up front with your wants, your likes, and how you feel about the design they're showing you. It's hard to say "I don't like it" after someone's put time into a logo, I get it, but you're derailing the project if you say you like something you really don't. Also, clarity is a must. Once the illustration of raw pink salt being poured out of a bottle came into my head, I knew I had to be as clear as possible in order to get it from my brain to the screen. Before hitting "send" on that email to the designer, show it to a friend, your mom, or your husband. Make sure they understand what you have in mind. If they don't, neither will the professional.

6.) Bonus Tip: If possible, befriend your logo designer...Meredith was the sweetest, and we still keep in touch via social media. Most designers are just entrepreneurs like you; don't waste the opportunity to make friends with someone who understands what you're doing! Keep things friendly and fun! Meredith even sent me a photo of her son "helping" in the design process. How cute is that!?

What are your tips for working with a logo designer? If you are a logo designer, tell me what I missed! :)

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